Adulting: Post-Grad Edition

Ellie at Auburn University, Spring 2015.

After four years, three hair colors, two long-term boyfriends and one horrible roommate (you know who you are) – it’s time to call it.

Auburn, you’ve been great. I couldn’t have asked for better friends, professors, or experiences than the ones I created when I called you home. But now it’s time for me to make moves. So Real World, look out. I’m coming for you.

Though let it be known that when I say ‘I’m coming for you,’ by no means do I mean I’m coming for you at full speed. It’s more of a 25-in-a-55 thing. Because I’m slightly terrified and extremely overwhelmed by the scariness of the Real World.

In the past two months, I’ve realized there is a lot more to the real world than just getting a job. And that getting a job is actually a lot harder than they tell you it will be. I’m fresh out of college with no job, no place to go but back home to my parents (shout out to you guys for some rent free living btw) and a bank account dangerously close to zero after adventuring through Europe.

Yet I’m trying my best to get a job, a place to live and not have three breakdowns a day in the meantime. So as the job search continues I’m just keeping my head up and trying to be positive while adding to the few skills I already have. My current list includes:

  • an ability to eat a baguette in under ten minutes
  • tripping over nothing
  • brunching
  • laughing at inappropriate times and
  • stress baking

That list doesn’t exactly scream “HIRE ME.”

But okay, okay – all jokes aside. There are actually a few skills that I managed to keep with me from college such as social media management, SEO analytics, writing professional press material, survey production and analytics, HTML/CSS coding and basic marketing techniques.

While some of you may that social media isn’t a skill, just know that it is. And that it, along with each of the skills I just listed, was tackled, learned and perfected in an attempt to become a bona fide bad ass in the field of public relations.

We all know who I’m talking about. The Kelly Cutrone’s of the world. The Samantha Jones’s of the world. The Charlotte Beers’s of the world. The Danielle Bernstien’s of the world. The kind of woman in charge of her own path in life. Who knows who she is, what she stands for and what she deserves. (And who isn’t scared of making doctors appointments for herself.)

And until that day comes, I’m inviting you to follow along. Laugh with me, cry with me, get second-hand embarrassment for me. Because honestly, isn’t that what the first seasons of post-grad life are all about? Finding out who you’re going to be for the rest of your life?


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