New York City

The city so nice, they named it twice.

Actually being from New York, I am ashamed to say that the first time I’ve been to New York City was this past November. And it was only for half a day. Even though it was for a short period of time, I fell in love instantly and knew I had to go back.

Since that first trip, I’ve been back twice – once for a cousin getaway and again for a concert. Both times surpassed my expectations and made me fall a little more in love with the city that never sleeps.

So in case you’re headed up to NYC anytime soon or if you just really want to read about it, I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite parts of NYC below:

  1. The Tourist Traps: Central Park (call it a cliché, but it’s my favorite spot in NYC), The Met, the MOMA, the New York Public Library, DUMBO/the Brooklyn Bridge, Top of the Rock, Coney Island (where you absolutely have to stop at Nathan’s for a hotdog and some cheese fries), The High Line, and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. Be sure to stop by Times Square to catch a Broadway show too. There are obviously about a million other things you can do in NYC – so just think of these as a starting point!
  2. The Food: With both pizza and bagels serving as the foundation of my personal food pyramid, NYC is my carb heaven so you’ll have to excuse the carb-heavy recommendations. Pizza and bagels can be found on just about every other corner in NYC, so I strongly suggest stopping for both as many times as you can. A few of my other favorite spots include Palma (Italian food for dayssssss) and Caffe Dante (an amazing brunch spot), Baba’s Pierogies in Brooklyn, Between the Bread (yummy sandwiches, soups and all things fresh & seasonal), Saigon Shack in Greenwich Village (pho and banh mi aka my newest obsession), and Giacomo’s in Brooklyn (where you HAVE to get the eggplant pizza because omg).
  3. The Nightlife: Since I’m a hard 10 on the grandma scale, I don’t usually go out, but I was in NYC and I had no excuses. From fancy pants to grunge bars, here are a few of my favorites – The Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle, Tanner Smith’s, the Blind Tiger in Greenwich Village (a must-see since we have a Blind Tiger bar in Charleston too), and the One Mile House Bar next door to the Bowery Ballroom.
  4. The Sports Teams: Hello NY and hello all things Giants, Yankees, and Rangers. (The Jets, Mets, and Islanders aren’t even worth mentioning, let’s be honest.) If you have the chance and depending on the season, I strongly suggest that you try to go to a sporting event while in NYC. They’re a ton of fun and a guaranteed good time – as long as NY wins.




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