The Catskill Mountains

Every July, my family takes a trip up to the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. In the past three years, it’s developed into a big family reunion-type deal for my dad’s side of the family and has secured the spot of always being my favorite vacation each year – which is exactly why I want to share it with you.

Where We Stay:

My family always stays in the most charming B&B, chock-full of old timey trinkets and pictures from years past. With a walking trail basically in its backyard and delicious breakfast served every morning, the Albergo Allegria makes the best home away from home.

What We Do:

Windham Vinyards & Winery – since most of what we do tends to be drinking and eating, it seems fitting that we spend time at the Windham Winery when we’re in the Catskills. With a friendly and furry mascot named Pijou, it’s always a delicious stop.

Windham Mountain Resort – yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Ellie, if you go in July, why are you going to the ski resort?’ Well the joke is on you, friends, because the Windham Mountain Resort is packed with fun summer activities too. Mountain biking trails, music & BBQ nights, mountaintop yoga, and even the possibility of riding on the ski lift to see the lush, green mountains. Who needs snow to have fun?!

Walking Trail – I mentioned it before, but the Windham Walking Trail provides a nice, peaceful place to get some exercise. Not nearly as strenuous as hiking the many mountain trails available in the Catskills, the walking trail is more of a community hotspot. You’ll catch plenty of locals (and their furry friends!) on the trail on any given day.

Where We Eat:

Cave Mountain – Though we mostly eat food that’s been cooked by family, every once in a while we head out to town to get some local grub. With bar bite favorites like fried green beans, Cave Mountain has plenty of tasty bites to pair with their craft beers.

Angelina’s Pizza – It’s kind of a drive away, but I remember my family stopping here one summer and eating what was possibly one of the best slices of pizza I’ve ever had. I can’t decide whether that was because I was so hungry or they really do have the best pizza in the world, so you should definitely check it out and give me a second opinion.

La Patisserie Normande – Oh. My. God. Hands down, La Patisserie Normande has some of the best pastries I have ever had. If you’re in Windham – or honestly even within a 20 mile radius – you have to stop in and try their delicious treats.

Michael’s Diner – Since we don’t have diners in Charleston (or at least not real diners), going to Michael’s is actually a treat for me. There’s something about diners that never disappoints. Friendly service, big servings, and plenty of options is always my favorite combination in a diner.




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