I have one word for you: PASTA.

Rome, and Italy in general, is home to what may just be the best pasta in the world. So if you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself in la bella Italia, pick up your fork and get ready to dig in.

Forget your low carb/no carb diet. Eat so much you have to unbutton your pants – and then eat some more. And then maybe a little more. You and your pants will never be the same.

But the beauty of Italy doesn’t stop at the table. It’s more than the pasta. It’s the people, the history, the landscape and good Lord, the gelato. (Another reason why your pants won’t fit.) 

Italians are by far the most welcoming people I’ve come across in Europe. They genuinely want you to enjoy yourself and to experience Italy. If you get the chance, make friends with some locals and have them take you out. It’ll make all the difference – and you won’t end up at the only local American bar. (In my defense, it had wifi….)

With some of the world’s oldest history hidden right inside the depths of the city, you can bet that I tried to soak up as much as I could. As one of the biggest history nerds I know, I was in absolute heaven when walking through the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. It was humbling and beautiful and honestly, a little unreal

Once you’re done ogling over the ancient buildings, roads and monuments, take out that iPhone and put it to good use. If you’re like me and don’t opt for a phone plan overseas, this will be your only chance to actually use that $600 (soon to be $1,000) piece of technology. Take a ton of pictures, because you’ll never want to forget your time in this beautiful, beautiful city.

My must-see spots:

Tour the Coliseum, visit the plazas, the piazzas and take the side streets. Go to the Trevi Fountain and have your Lizzy McGuire moment. See the Spanish Steps. Tour the Roman Forum. Visit the Vatican. (And dress appropriately.) Take a trip out of the city for a wine tasting at a vineyard. Eat, eat, eat. And try not to still be drunk from the night before when you’re on the group walking tour (*cough, cough, LEXI).

Explore. (And eat ALL the pasta.) You won’t regret it.




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