Fall Deco Inspiration


Fall is my favorite season – and that is extremely obvious to anyone who walks into my apartment. I mean, even as I’m writing this I’m sipping coffee from a autumn-themed mug. So I thought I would gather up some of my favorite fall decoration ideas and share them with you guys! Enjoy!

Flowers: While some people are blessed with a green thumb and able to keep flowers for more than five days, I happen to possess what my mother calls a black thumb. So fake flowers are my best friend. Which is why I scooped some of them up as soon as I saw them in the grocery store!

Candles: In my opinion, if you can’t make a homemade apple pie (honestly, who has the time) – you might as well buy a candle that smells like one. And you might as well buy a pumpkin spice flavored one. I picked these little guys up in the Target dollar section, so be sure to scour yours the next time you head to Target because they smell delicious! (This tiny plush pumpkin is from the Target dollar section too!)

Pumpkins: I meannn, duh. When you think fall, you just think pumpkin. Which is why I picked up a bag of baby pumpkins and placed them in a little basket for some cozy fall feels in the kitchen. Adding in a few gourds will give your collection a bit more color, which is something I always like to do – although I’ll have to wait to pick some up this year because apparently everyone else has the same idea as me and has scooped them up already!

Pillows and Throws: Though the cozy, grey blanket is a year-long staple in my household, pillows are easy to switch out between seasons. Pick up some cute and colorful pillows like these from Target.com today to add some fall style to your living room.

Happy fall ya’ll!




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