Plaid Skirts

School’s in session, y’all. Because plaid skirts are back and I am all for it.

I had been searching for quite a while to find one that I liked – too boring, too intense, too long, too busy – but I finally found it. I was scrolling through Nordstrom for what felt like the hundredth time, just hoping something caught my eye, when this beauty from Topshop did.

I instantly loved the pattern of the plaid, the red accent that was included in it, and the buckle detailing along the top. You can find it here from Nordstrom and here from the Topshop site. (A similar style can be found here too!) But once I bought it, the question of what to wear it with instantly rose.

Since I’m a fairly casual dresser, I figured that sticking to what I know would be the best option. And because I wanted to really emphasize the print and the detailing on the skirt, I picked out a solid, chunky-knit, black turtleneck to pair with it. I found my turtleneck at Old Navy (here), but some great alternatives can be found here and here

I just wore it with my go-to black ankle boots, but I can’t wait to wear it with these patent platform Calvin Klein shoes I just got! (Found here.)

How are you guys styling your plaid this winter?




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