Single? Don’t Boycott Valentine’s Day

V-Day is almost here, y’all – whether you like it or not. If you’re in a relationship and just really jazzed about the holiday, that’s awesome. Like good for you, keeping it tight yo. But if you’re single and hating on the holiday, I just want to let you in on a secret: your enjoyment of Valentine’s Day does not depend on your relationship status.

Now sadly, as women we’re conditioned to love Valentine’s Day when we’re in relationships and to be bitter about it when we’re not. But why? We still have a thousand other reasons to be happy about the idea of love – the most important being that we still have our best girls. And those are the relationships really worth celebrating.

So call up your girls, start planning and get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day like you never have before, because it’s about time you celebrated this holiday with a little love.

Need some ideas? I’ve got you covered:

  1. Head to brunch. Drink a Mimosa (or five). Eat all the pancakes, avocado toast, eggs, bacon and home fries that you can possibly eat. And get the Bloody Mary, too.
  2. Plan a night out and give it a theme. Still trying to stick it to your exes? Go out and show them what they’re missing. Need to let the world know who runs it? Beyoncé already told them, but you and your girls can go out and remind them.
  3. Plan a night in. Pull out all the stops. Make sure you have a killer playlist with all the girl jams on it. Set up a mani-pedi station with kits and polish. Make at-home face masks. Whip up a cocktail or two and share your worst Valentine’s Day stories.
  4. Watch a movie. A classic Valentine’s Day go-to (especially if you’re single) is the aptly titled, “How to Be Single.” But this year, you can head to the theater to see “Fifty Shades Freed” to spice things up. You’ll still see Dakota Johnson – she’ll just have less clothes on in this one.
  5. Have a spa day. Get your girls together to hit up the local spa and let Helga, your manly-handed masseuse, rid you of all your stress. And sign up for the facial too. Nothing says “Before-you-ask-yes-I-DID-have-a-great-Valentine’s-Day-so-kiss-my-ass” like glowing skin at work the next day.

But the real point? Your girls have been through it all with you: breakups, low points, bathroom floors, failed diets, your heavy eyeliner stage (the evidence of which should be burned promptly), bad haircuts/dye jobs and fending off over-eager guys at bars.

And they’re the ones that make Valentine’s Day worth celebrating.




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