Coffee In Charleston

Hands down, my favorite thing about waking up in the morning is heading to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. But on the weekends, I tend to treat myself with a stop at one of my favorite local coffee shops here in the Charleston area. If you’re looking for a cup of coffee in the area, check out five of my favorites:

1) Vintage Coffee Co: Whenever I take a trip to Vintage Coffee, I always have to make sure I have enough time for coffee AND a delicious breakfast. They make an incredible matcha latte that I always love to pair with the avocado toast. (Pro tip: ask for it with an egg on top – absolute heaven!) It’s a great stop after walking over the Ravenel Bridge in the AM.

2) Collective Coffee: Previously the location of a bagel shop (R.I.P. to Bodacious Bagels), I frequently use Collective Coffee in Mt. Pleasant as my hub when I’m working remotely. Great Wifi, plenty of seating, and amazing brews – it doesn’t get much better than that. I tend to go for just a classic here with an iced or hot latte, depending on the season. It’s become a staple in my coffee shop rotation and I definitely recommend that you start including it in yours.

3) Brown Fox Coffee: One of the best things about Brown Fox is that on “Fancy Fridays” they get their pastries from BKeD Donut Shop. but it’s first come, first serve – so you have to act fast! My regular order? Their original and absolutely amazing Mexican Fox Mocha. You absolutely have to try it. It’s a game changer.

4) The Rise: Leaving Mt. Pleasant, The Rise is one of my go-to places in downtown Charleston. In the heart of the peninsula, The Rise is attached to one of Charleston’s most popular boutique hotels, The Restoration. So naturally, The Rise has become one of Charleston’s most popular coffee stops. My favorite item on the menu? Whatever seasonal option they have. Honestly. Trust me – it never disappoints. And it never hurts to grab a pastry as well.

5) Second State: My mecca. My absolute favorite. Anytime I have people stay with me, ask for suggestions on things to do in Charleston, or even if they’re locals just looking for something to do, half of the time you can bet that I’ll say: “You have to go to Second State!” The masters behind the best lavender latte I’ve ever had, it’s a must when visiting Charleston coffee shops. Bonus? They’ve got a kick ass Ham and Cheese Croissant that you basically need a bib to eat because it’s just so. flaky. 

What places are in your coffee shop rotation? Let me know in the comments below! And if you’re ever in Charleston, be sure to stop by one of the amazing options above!


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