Packing For A Trip

Though I tend to be one of those people who throws items in my suitcase the morning of my trip, I’ve been using a few awesome tips to help me pack for my upcoming adventure. If you’re looking for some guidance in the packing department, check out these helpful tips:

1. Watch The Weather

One of the best things I’ve been doing leading up to my trip is keeping an eye on my weather app! Whenever you’re traveling around a season change, it can be especially tricky, so watching the weather starting a few weeks/days out can be extra helpful in terms of knowing what kind of clothes to be packing.

2. Layers, Layers, Layers

No matter the climate, layers will be your best friend. And with fall around the corner right now, we’ll be up against cool mornings, warmer midday temps and then cooler evenings and nights. Enter the layers. Try layering a cami with a blazer, a tee with a chunky cardigan, a slip dress with a sweater, or a blouse with a lightweight trench.

3. Small Pouches

The best way to stay organized on a longer trip (anything past 4 days in my opinion) is to start by sorting your things out into smaller pouches. I’d suggest a pouch or bag for makeup, toiletries, tech accessories and even a few for dirty laundry and any shoes that you have. This is a great way to make sure that your suitcase doesn’t look like a bomb went off inside of it after the first few days.

Pro tip: downsize all of your toiletries into smaller containers – or better yet, use samples you’ve been able to save!

4. Fold Vertically

Typically I do this for all of my trips, and it makes a huge difference. By packing your clothes vertically instead of horizontally, you make it easier to see everything that you’ve packed. It’s like going into your closet and picking from a stack of sweaters vs. digging around in your t-shirt drawer. While it still makes sense to stack your more delicate or flimsier fabric pieces horizontally, I’d suggest packing as many items as you can vertically.

5. Stuff Your Shoes

It may seem like a no-brainer, but this is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of a little extra space and also help your shoes keep their shape. Items like socks, underwear, and tights are great to stuff into any shoes you might be taking with you –  and even larger items like tanks and tees can be rolled up to fit into your boots when it’s colder out!

6. Wear The Weight

Another thing that I always tend to do on trips where weight limits are my arch nemesis is to wear the heaviest items I have onto the plane. I tend to bring my heaviest coat, biggest scarf or fluffiest sweater onto the plane with me. If it can be stuffed into my carry-on, that’s great – but the real bonus is when it can double as a blanket since I tend to get so cold on flights.

I hope the few tips I was able to share will be as helpful to you as they have been to me as I’ve been gearing up for my latest adventure!  Where are you headed next?




3 thoughts on “Packing For A Trip

  1. This is such great advice, I’m also the sort of person who chucks random stuff into my suitcase the morning of a trip and that’s a habit I’m going to really try to get out of! Thanks for sharing.


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