Making A Home Cozy

Fall has always been my favorite season, for as long as I can remember. Fall brings my favorite month (November), my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving), and my favorite drink (hot apple cider) back into my life. I love the changing of the leaves, the way the air gets crisper and chillier, and the way that everything seems to get a little bit cozier.

So this fall I wanted to share a few tips for making your home cozier this season. Take a peek at what I do each fall to keep things cozy.

Fuzzy Throws

My favorite throws tend to come from Target. Reasonably priced and amazing quality, I absolutely love the Threshold line of throws at Target. I opt for the bigger, chunkier and fuzzier blankets in neutral colors like grey, white or a tan. I like that they can be used in any room and that they keep me so cozy when I like to prop the porch door open and work from the couch. Some of my favorites at the moment can be found here and here.


Nothing says cozy like snuggling up to a fire. But since I live in an apartment that sadly has no fireplace, I just light some candles and use my imagination. I’m a sucker for any kind of cinnamon smell during this time of year, so I love this little Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffin candle from Target. I’m also a huge fan of this Apple Spice candle by Yankee Candle as well. These two candles give off perfect fall scents guaranteed to make your home instantly cozier.


Something about fresh flowers has always made a house feel more like a home to me. And since I am always looking to make my apartment a little cozier, I try to get fresh flowers as often as I can. I usually just pop into Publix or Trader Joe’s for some great seasonal bouquets that aren’t too expensive. Since fall is full of deeper hues like oranges, reds, yellows, and even some deeper purples for flowers, they make a beautiful addition to any room. You can even decorate outside with some pretty mums and a few baby pumpkins! 

Baked Goods

Any home is better when it smells like baked goods, it’s a fact. So this fall, cozy up your kitchen with the smell of a delicious pumpkin loaf, some pumpkin cookies, an apple pie, or even some regular old snickerdoodle cookies. Anything that gets makes your home a little warmer and smell amazing is a definite yes in my book, and I can’t wait to try this recipe for a great batch of snickerdoodle cookies soon!


If you dress cozy, you’ll feel cozy – it’s not rocket science you guys. So I picked out a few of my favorite cozy finds for you guys so you can get bundled up! First is this absolutely amazing Fisherman Cable Cardigan from Treasure & Bond (found here). It has seriously changed the way I look at cardigans forever. There’s also this adorable Sherpa Half-Zip from Old Navy that I basically live in (just ask my roommate). And if you’re like me and hate sleeping in pants, this Nordstrom pajama set is a must!


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