Self-Care Day

We’ve all been there – stressed out of our mind, feeling behind on everything, running on too little sleep and too much coffee. So what do I do when life feels a little overwhelming? I like to reset with a self-care day. For me, a self-care day just consists of all the things that I love to do. And since this week has been rough (to say the least), I’m planning my ultimate self-care day tomorrow. Read on to see what I’ll be up to!



Though it may seem silly to be setting an alarm for a day spent relaxing, there is just something about waking up at a more reasonable time that helps me feel like I’m still being productive.



I am living for this gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having recently, so some time spent on the porch with a hot cup of coffee, a warm blanket, and Mrs. Millie (my adorable cat)  is exactly what I need to start the day right. I’ll probably sip and scroll through Instagram, looking for some outfit inspiration for the upcoming work week.



Since I am currently training for a half marathon and trying to up my mileage each week, I’ll head out for a morning run with my trusty Garmin and my brand new fall playlist to keep me upbeat and on pace. Running always makes me feel better, since it’s the perfect way for me to get out my frustrations and stay active, which is a great combo for a self-care day.



When I’m back from running I’ll probably take some time to clean up my apartment. I love having a neat and tidy apartment – it makes me feel like I’ve at least got a tiny part of my life together. Anyone else?



I’ll jump in the shower quickly, and then head out for a healthy lunch. I’ve been really into salads lately, and my favorite spot is a cute Greek place right by my house. I absolutely LOVE Greek food, and this place knocks it out of the park. Eating healthy always makes me feel good, so it’s a great choice for a self-care day.



I mean, come on – do I really need to explain this one? Everyone loves a little pampering during a self-care day and getting my nails done always makes me feel so much better.



I know most of you are probably thinking ‘But isn’t retail therapy the ultimate way to feel better?’ and while most of the time I would agree with you, sometimes I just love to go look. Knowing me, I’ll start with Barnes & Noble and browse the shelves for about an hour with a hot drink from the Starbucks inside. Then I’ll hit the other boutiques in the shopping center and end with a quick stop at Target because, well, of course. Sometimes just looking can provide the perfect inspiration you need.



Though I don’t cook a ton (I’m honestly just lazy), cooking is something that soothes my soul. And on a self-care day, I’ll probably end up making my go-to comfort food, a poppy seed chicken casserole. And don’t worry, that recipe will be coming to the blog soon!



After letting my casserole bake for about 45 minutes, it’ll be time to sit down and dig in, while watching one of my new favorite movies. I am absolutely obsessed with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix. I don’t even care that it’s about a high school couple. I just want to watch it and believe that my Peter Kavinsky is out there somewhere.



Once the movie’s over, it’s time to jump in the bath. I’ve been loving Dr. Teal’s Lavender Foaming Bath for a nice, calming bath before bed. Add the latest book that I’m reading and I’ll be there til all the bubbles dissolve.



My bedtime routine starts with brushing my teeth and ends with me slathering lotion on my feet, legs, arms and neck. I always make sure I put plenty of moisturizer on before bed and I drink a big glass of water. Then I put my chapstick on, slip on my face mask and it’s lights out for me.

By spending the day doing things that I love, I give myself a chance to recharge and make sure my mind is right for the day ahead. I’ve never been good at operating when I’m feeling down, so self-care days like this are so important to me.

What do you do for your self-care days?


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