There’s something about a blazer that makes me feel like the ultimate girl boss. I love the way a good chic, fitted blazer can give me a little extra confidence at work. On the flip side, I also like rocking a looser, more casual fit on the days when I want to look cute, but like I didn’t try that hard. And either way you choose to wear it, a blazer is the perfect transitional piece and easy to layer under a coat as things just keep continue to cool off.

Currently, I’m obsessed with blazers that have any sort of pattern, like this black and white plaid blazer from H&M (see photo to the right). Though this is an old purchase from the sale rack (who doesn’t love a good deal?!), H&M has a ton of cute options right now, like this grey checkered blazer or this navy blue pinstripe blazer. I really feel like the patterns of these blazers give an extra something to a piece that can be unfairly seen as just work-wear.

Though I’m loving the patterned blazers, I don’t really feel like I can talk about blazers without talking about classic black blazers with you guys. This Topshop Tuxedo Blazer (found here) is just so stunning, I think I need to buy three in case my first two wear out. I love the way the satin buttons look against the fabric of the jacket and how it can immediately elevate anything you pair it with. A twist on the classic black blazer, this Zara Tweed Blazer (found here) is absolutely gorgeous for the fall/winter, and I love the way the frayed edges look in contrast to the properness of the tweed. The last black blazer I’m loving at the moment is this ultra-classic, fitted Halogen blazer on the Nordstrom site (found here). Dressed up or dressed down, this blazer is a must for any closet.

Whatever blazer you opt for this season, know that they can easily be paired with pants, dresses and skirts, as seen in the pictures here. What blazers are you loving? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Blazers

  1. Love that outfit, I’m obsessed with blazers at the moment too, and I got a similar patterned one from Primark! Love the look of your blog: I’ve subscribed xx


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