The New Fashion Rules

Happy Thursday! If you work at an office job like I do, I can only hope you’re managing your way through the first week back for 2019! I know I’m already looking to a little bit of time off (seems crazy after so much downtime during the holidays), but I can’t wait to spend a relaxing Saturday in my pj’s, packing up all of my Christmas decorations and finding new homes for the amazing gifts that my friends and family gave me. One of my absolute favorite gifts that I received this year and wanted to share with you all is The New Fashion Rules, a fashion/blogging book written by Victoria Magrath.

Within The New Fashion Rules, Victoria (more commonly known by her Instagram handle @inthefrow), dives into the trends of the fashion world, the power of influencers, and how social media pairs with the industry, to name just a few.

As we all know, the internet radically changed the way fashion was seen, presented, purchased, and critiqued. In The New Fashion Rules, Victoria explains what that means for fashion-lovers today, as well as touching on the last two decades of fashion history, the diversity movement, and 40 key moments in the fashion industry.

The New Fashion Rules is well-researched and beautifully illustrated, and I cannot recommend it enough to all of you. If you have any interest in fashion – it’s economical impact, it’s history, it’s trends, it’s progress or it’s future – The New Fashion Rules will be a perfect addition to your bookshelf. You can find it here. And be sure to give Victoria a follow on Instagram as well for daily inspiration and beautiful content! 


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