Book Club: How To Be Parisian…

As I was closing out what can only be described as an overwhelming 2018 (in good and sometimes not so good ways), I decided to re-read one of my all-time favorite books, How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are, so I could start 2019 off on the right foot. Now for any of you that know me, you might be raising an eyebrow here since I always seem to talk about the mountains of books that I own, but have yet to read. I promise though, there is a reason that I always come back to this book. Well, there are four reasons to be exact:

It’s Empowering

More so than anything, whenever I read this book, I always get the feeling that it is a celebration of women. It encourages us to live with confidence, love, joy, and a little bit of mystery. I find that I always feel like I can conquer anything when I read this book and that even if I can’t at first, I can always try again tomorrow. After a hot bath and a glass or two of wine tonight, of course.

It’s Enlightening

Though I mostly find that I either relate to or aspire to most of the things within the pages of this book, I did learn a thing or two as well. Like some delicious recipes, the proper way to host a dinner party, and the reason your phone should always have someone named Paul H in it. (No really, it should.)

It’s Humbling

There have been many moments in my life where I have realized how absolutely ridiculous and insignificant my problems or my way of thinking can be. I can get so caught up in the latest trends (although I think we all do this), so I found parts of this book to be quite humbling in the sense that none of that really matters. Yes, there are fads and trends that can catch your eye, but it’s love and family that you should always be most focused on. I have always been a big believer that travel can make a person reflect and re-prioritize the things in their lives, and it’s incredible when books can do that as well.

It’s Inspiring

Of all the things that I always seem to take away from this book, it’s the inspiration that sticks with me the longest. This book makes me dream of the day that I can drop everything, move to Paris, and become ‘the true Parisian woman.’ It inspires me to care a little less about the superficial and a little more about life, family, and connections. It inspires me to spend time in a coffee shop by myself, with my phone in my pocket, and to just enjoy the moment. It inspires me to be a little less uptight, a little more casual, and a little less apologetic for who I am.

In my opinion, a book that can do all of the above is a book worth re-reading and one that I hope every one of you ends up buying for yourselves! In the meantime, tell me – what book do you constantly go back to? Why?

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