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Photos courtesy of Victoria Magrath, Lucy Connelly, Carin Olsson, and Kathleen Post.

If you saw my Instagram post yesterday, you know that I pulled a Marie Kondo on my followers list. I had been sitting on my couch in my pj’s, sipping my coffee, when I just had this moment. I realized that while I was scrolling my feed, there were just certain people on there who didn’t bring me joy.

So I went straight to my list of people that I follow and I did a little purge. I did it with the mindset that ‘the people you surround yourself with are a reflection of you.’ And I asked myself if I wanted to be anything like the people I was following. Needless to say,  I ended up unfollowing a ton of people (mostly bloggers) and immediately felt better. Even online, I only want to be surrounded by positive people who are bringing some degree of joy to my life.

Which brings me to a few people who always seem to bring me joy. No matter what is happening in the influencer/blogger/fashion industry, there are a few people who time and time again keep bringing me joy through their honesty, transparency, humor, and kindness. People who you know would just be the funnest, most amazing friends. And even though I might be a little biased (I’ve been following some of these ladies for years), I definitely suggest that you go give them a follow if you haven’t already.

Victoria Magrath (@inthefrow)

More commonly known by her Instagram handle inthefrow, you may have remembered I’ve written about Victoria and her amazing book The New Fashion Rules before. (Click here to check that blog out!) I’ve been following her for well over a year now, and have yet to see a picture, caption, or blog that doesn’t immediately inspire me and make my soul happy. Victoria has such a wonderful way of sharing her passion and knowledge of fashion through her Instagram page and it is such a pleasure to be able to enjoy the ride with her. She’s never afraid to be honest with her followers about how sometimes unglamorous the life of an influencer can be (the pressure, the long hours, etc.), but she does it with such grace and kindness that you would never even know that it might get to her sometimes.

Another thing I particularly love about Victoria is her willingness and enthusiasm to share brands that she genuinely loves with her followers. I truly believe that everything she puts out into the universe is strongly connected to what she believes in, and that can be seen (or read) in one of her recent blog posts about sustainable fashion and how important it is to support brands who are making an effort on that front. (Check it out here if you have time!) So go give her a follow, check out her site (linked here), and show her some love!

Lucy Connelly (@lucyflorals)

A new follow for me on lovelyingrey, Lucy is what I imagine the best version of myself could be. She is constantly sending out such positivity through her Instagram (think: mantras, health tips, words of love and more), and I absolutely wish I could be even a tiny bit as positive as she is about life.

Aside from being one of the most self-loving people that I follow, Lucy is the Q U E E N of layering. Just check out this post, this post, and this post to see what I mean. Honestly anytime I am in a crunch about what to wear, I head to Lucy’s Instagram to see how she’s styling things. Layered or not, Lucy knows how to completely rock a simple, understated, and timeless wardrobe. So whether you’re looking for inspiration in life or the fashion department, I seriously recommend giving Lucy a follow and checking out her blog (linked here).

Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths)

Okay – where do I even begin? Carin is one of the people I have been following the longest on Instagram and if you’re not following her, I want you to just exit out of this post and head straight to her Instagram right now. She is hands down, the sweetest, kindest, and most beautiful human (inside and out) that I follow on Instagram. She gives the best inside peeks into her place in the fashion world and always wears the most gorgeous outfits. A classic beauty, Carin is a must-follow on Insta.

But not only is she a style icon and hands down just one of the prettiest people ever, she also loves showing off her city. And let me tell you – I will never complain about someone showing off Paris. And it’s not that she’s just showing it off to show it off, she genuinely appreciates everything about her life in Paris and it is the cutest thing ever. If you already follow her, I’m sure you know what I mean when I say this since she is always talking about how much she loves a sunny day and the opportunity to walk around – no matter how cold it is. So head to Carin’s Instagram or her blog (linked here) to follow her for yourself!

Kathleen Post (

One of the most down to earth people that I follow on Insta has got to be Kathleen. Funny, savvy, chic, and always sharing the best deals, Kathleen runs the fashion and lifestyle blog Lemon Blonde (find it here). I love the way she seamlessly goes from cute to edgy to comfy and back again. Whatever look she opts for, she always seems to find the most gorgeous pieces at amazing prices, which is something I’m still trying to learn from her tbh. I admire her and her work ethic so much (five posts a week, every. single. week.) and always find myself thinking that I wish I could be like her when I become a “real blogger.”

Aside from the fashion part of her blog though, Kathleen also has a lifestyle section where she shares about her life and especially her home, which is one of theeeee most beautiful homes I have ever seen. I’m talking major home inspo over here. She just wrote a home tour blog the other week and I may or may not be planning to buy 95% of what she talked about. (I definitely am.) So if you’re looking to redecorate (your house or your closet), be sure to head to Kathleen’s Insta and give her a follow!

As different as each of these ladies are from each other, the one thing they all have in common is being amazing, inspirational, and positive forces of power within social media. And I think we can all agree that the Internet needs a few more people like them, right?

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