Springtime Sets

Happy Spring, lovelies!! Is anyone else besides me so, so impatient for the warmer weather to stay already?! Every once in a while, we’ll get a few amazing days in a row here Charleston, but springtime hasn’t quite stuck around for good yet, as the weather usually gets chilly again. Even though spring has been a little bit of a tease this year, that hasn’t stopped me from being optimistic about the fact that one of these weeks, spring will stick around.  

So with my fingers crossed for the warmer weather to stay, I wanted to share one of my favorite new sets that I just got the other week. And it is so perfect for spring! (Side note: please excuse my glow-stick legs – as I’ve previously said, I am too impatient for the sun and couldn’t wait until I got a little bit tan to share this outfit with you.)

I’ve been loving sets for quite a while now, but there have been very few that have caught my eye like the Cleo skirt and blazer set from Storets. One of my all-time favorite stores, Storets made this amazingggg set in this tan and cream color as well as in a burgundy and cream color. You can find the set here, if interested.

A few of my other favorites this season have been this to DIE for set from Urban Outfitters (shout out to Kathleen Post for bringing it to my attention – skirt here and top here), this oh so cute light green set from Forever21 (skirt here, top here), and this gorgeous Gabrielle set from Lulu’s (pants found here, top found here).

I paired my Storets set with my new Dad shoes (yes, I caved) that I got from Target for only $25. Yes, TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. I love a good deal and these were just such a steal compared to everything else I’ve found when looking for Dad shoes. They come in the classic white and a funky silver color too. You can find them here.

Where are you lovelies seeing your favorite sets and sneakers this spring? Let me know in the comments!

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