My Office Nook

One of the things I love best about where I work is that we have the ability to work from home on Wednesdays. I don’t always take advantage of this perk, but recently I’ve been loving my little home office setup, so I’ve been staying home more and more on Wednesdays. Since I’ve been loving on this little corner of my apartment so much, I wanted to share it with you guys!

My desk, the Quintas Acacia Wood Desk from Christopher Knight Home (found here), was a Black Friday purchase from and so worth it. I love how large the surface of the desk is, making it easy for me to spread out my things during the workday. I used to have quite a small desk with an uneven top that made spreading out papers and notepads quite difficult, so I love that this desk is all one level and just so spacious. It’s a deep acacia wood, so it fits in perfectly with my darker furniture throughout the rest of my apartment. With two small side cabinets and a large drawer in the center, it has just enough storage for my extra notepads and documents. 

On top of my desk, I have a few items that help lend a little love to my workspace. I’ve got a charcoal sketch of London that my sister gave me for Christmas one year, a two-wick Voluspa candle (Suede Blanc scent, $18.00, found here) to add a relaxing vibe, a gold terrarium for my very fake succulents (found here), a fake baby cactus (found here), a gold deco pencil cup from Amazon (found here), and a few of my favorite books among other things. I try to keep the space as clean and clutter-free as possible, but old habits die hard and 9 times out of 10 there’s more clutter than not. 

For days when I’m trying to stay bundled up pretending like I’m still in bed, I’ve got a faux fur blanket that is always in reach. You can find it in cream, light grey and a soft brown on sale here for just $31! This blanket follows me around the apartment, so it can always be found on either my bed, at my desk or on the couch.

As for my desk chair, I’m still slumming it though in that department. I’m currently trying to decide between this deep blue, upholstered chair from Target or this black and grey swivel chair from IKEA. Please feel free to drop your vote down in the comments below so I can finally make a decision about this chair! In the meantime though, I’ll be wrapped up in my blanket, enjoying my little home office.


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