A Classic Button Ups

Most Mondays are hectic, stressful and exhausting. I tend to leave the office late on Mondays, having somehow always added things to my massive to-do list for the week. But a few weeks ago, instead of leaving the office ready for a glass of wine and my pj’s, I was ready for happy hour and a little bit of celebrating because Banana Republic had reached out about a partnership with me!

As a long time fan of the brand, I was beyond flattered. I mean this is a brand that absolutely nails both the chic business professional looks and the classic, timeless casual looks. So for the next two months, I will be working alongside Banana Republic to show off some of their amazing pieces and my best BR looks – starting with the Dillon Classic Fit Button Up (found here) for just $69.50!

Styled to the left for a business casual look (shot by Pale Girl Photography), this button up is perfect for maintaining a professional look during these hotter months in Charleston, since it’s so breathable. It’s breezy, flowy and somehow also wrinkle-resistant, which I absolutely love, because who has the time to steam their clothes every morning?! I paired the Dillon blouse with a simple pair of black jeans, a small clutch and my go-to slides, creating an effortlessly chic and casual work look.

And because I am the queen of always dressing casual, I had to also style this classic piece with a little more of my personal favorite street style vibe. So when I’m looking for something with a little less of a business vibe, I’ve opted for a front tie and some cutoff shorts. To feed into the western trend that’s been taking the fashion industry by storm, I added in an old western belt of mine and some studded and buckled ankle boots (not pictured). Though I left the sleeves rolled down the day I snapped this pic, I’ve since worn this with the sleeves rolled up to once again accommodate the hot weather here in Charleston.

It’s pieces like this classic, versatile and affordable Dillon Button Up that help keep Banana Republic at the forefront of the fashion industry and in the closets of people all across the globe.

How would you style this BR button-up? Let me know in the comments below! And be sure to stay tuned for my next Banana Republic look, coming soon!

2 thoughts on “A Classic Button Ups

  1. Love my BR wear! Though a little older than you, Ellie…I have been a “banana” girl forever. I am in New York today for a few days of meetings and of course brought my grey BR suit and my BR blouse. When we shift to dinner tomorrow night, I’ll pair the blouse with black pants. When I want to feel my most confident at a meeting, it’s BR hands down!

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