Hair Accessories

You may have noticed if you’ve seen me sometime within the last couple of weeks, but I got extensions! I got them colored, installed and trimmed by the wonderful Julie Davis at Canvas Salon here in downtown Charleston and I am just over the moon with them. And even though I got them because I had always wanted more hair (hello, thin-hair club!) I honestly hadn’t really thought about how I was going to contain all this hair once I got it.

With that being said, I’ve found some pretty dang cute solutions to dealing with the extra hair I have now:


Having had very thin hair for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had to basically use baby scrunchies if I wanted to use them. I legitimately did not have enough hair to use a real scrunchie properly. And now, I can’t stop buying them. I swear, they are miracle workers. They’re way more comfortable (not to mention cuter) than wearing normal hair ties on your wrist, and they barely leave a dent in my hair at all when I take them out. I’ve recently picked up a few from Forever 21 and Banana Republic that I’m loving, which you can find here or here.


A quick and easy solution for keeping hair out of your face without having to put it up, clips are my new go-to. I got these pearl clips from Nordstrom Rack (similar sets here and here), and have loved the way they help elevate a casual outfit into something a little more special. I’ve also found them soooo helpful since I have an awful habit of playing with the hair around my face, so I’ve been using them to try and help break that habit. Plus, I get the added bonus of feeling like I’m channeling my inner 90’s kid self when wearing clips. And who doesn’t love remembering what it was like as a 90’s kid?!


For when I’m feeling a little Parisian. Something about a scarf tied around my ponytail always makes me wish I had a baguette under my arm and a strong coffee in my hand as well. The perfect addition to a jeans and white t-shirt outfit to stroll the farmers market, take a walk around downtown Charleston or even a laid-back brunch date, you can find some really cute options from both Banana Republic and Madewell.


Though I used to just use them to make sure my hair was away from my face when I would wash it, I’m warming up to the idea of wearing headbands for a fashion statement now. I absolutely love the bold and big headbands that the Duchess of Cambridge has been wearing the past year or so, which has been a huge inspiration for me to really step up my headband game. I’ve recently ordered a few statement headbands from Baublebar and Tasha in deeper tones to add into my fall wardrobe when the weather starts to cool down, and I can’t wait until they come in! (I’m really hoping they’ll make me feel like Kate lol).

Though my extra hair is still going to take a bit more getting used to, these cute little hair helpers are definitely going to make containing all the goodness that Julie helped put on my head the other week so much more manageable. If you’ve got hair tips or cute accessories that work well for thicker hair, please let me know in the comments below!



– If you’re looking to get extensions (or even just a cut and color), I cannot recommend Julie enough. Give her a shout on her IG or book directly by calling Canvas Salon and asking for a consultation! – 

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