Summer -> Fall

Fall has officially sprung here in Charleston! Well … almost. October may have begun, but the cold weather feels far away still. So until it really does, we’re all stuck trying to dress for that weird in-between weather that we never seem to anticipate correctly.. For me, that usually means lots of light layers, mix and match pieces and anything I can repurpose from spring including…

T-Shirt Dresses

Probably one of the easiest pieces to layer up with is a t-shirt dress. Ultimate comfort level and the perfect piece for fall. You can pair a simple black t-shirt dress (like this one from Forever 21) with multiple jackets, each giving off a different vibe. You can go for a simple denim jacket and sneaker look, or add a bit more grunge with an oversized camo jacket and ankle boot. Personally, I love pairing my t-shirt dresses with either, it just depends on what mood I’m in that day. Though plain black anything is always my go-to, this midi tshirt dress recently caught my eye as well. 

Midi Skirts

Probably my favorite item to wear this year, I really don’t think you can ever go wrong with a midi skirt. For warmer fall days, you can pair it with a crop tee, western belt, and embellished ankle boots to add a little edge like I did here. (Click the links to find my skirt, tee, belt, and boots.) I absolutely can’t wait until we start getting days that are a bit chillier though (aka actual fall) so I can start wearing an oversized sweater tucked into one of my midi skirts. I think an oversized, black chunky knit sweater would look so cute with the leopard midi I bought earlier this year and some combat style boots to match. My original leopard midi from this blog post is sold out, but I’ve linked a similar skirt here for you guys to recreate that cozy-day look.

Crop Jackets

My new go-to for those weird “not too hot, not too cold” days is a good lightweight, cropped jacket. I’m loving this one from Topshop, but a few others I’ve had my eye on include this raw hem denim jacket and this cropped corduroy jacket as well. Since I usually wear jeans with my cropped jackets, I tend to go for a simple tank underneath so I don’t ever get too warm. I know transitional dressing can be a pain, but you can never go wrong with a good cropped jacket, jeans and tank combo.

Classic Button-Ups 

Honestly, it doesn’t get easier than pairing a classic button-up with a good pair of jeans for a fall day. Whether it’s a crisp white one with your most worn-in pair of denim or fun printed one with some black skinnies, it all works. For warmer days, pair the look with flats (or maybe even sandals!) and on colder days, go ahead and break out the ankle boots to take your look to the next level. Some button-ups that have caught my eye already this season are the Airy Blouse in the light green/khaki color from H&M and the simple oversized boyfriend button-up from Madewell. (I’m not going to lie to you guys – between writing this sentence and posting this blog (a whole two days), I bought the Madewell button-up lol.) 

However you choose to style your summer to fall looks, keep light layers in mind! You never want to be that person that dresses for the temperature in the morning and is sweating in your chunky cable knit, jeans and fur-trimmed boots by lunch. If you’ve got any transitional weather tips, leave them in the comments below so I can try them out too! 



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