Meet Ellie

With a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a fierce love for her kitten Millicent, Ellie is the lady behind lovely in grey, a creative outlet for all the things she’s most passionate about – fashion, travel, work, and life.

Ellie founded lovely in grey in 2017, by sprinkling in a few posts as she felt inspired. 2018 saw greater growth for Ellie, with more curated content for each branch of her blog. Her first brand partnership opportunity came towards the end of 2018 and was with TOMS shoes, a brand she has always respected and loved. As lovely in grey continues to grow in 2019, Ellie hopes that you continue to keep growing with her.

Get dressed with her, travel with her, work with her, laugh with her, and listen to poor advice from her here on lovely in grey – and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram.